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Awfully Good Training Videos 

Training can be one of the most costly parts of a business. Investing in training videos can help to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Why Create Training Videos

  • Reduce Training Time

    Video trainings help to reduce the amount of time other staff need to spend with new trainees, freeing up more time for business operations.

  • Reduce Training Cost

    By reducing the amount of time existing staff spend on training, you reduce the overall cost of training by a significant margin.

  • Improve Outcomes

    Training videos automate the training process so that nothing gets missed, and with frequent checks for understanding improve outcomes.

Example Training Video

Example Training Videos

Included in Our Training Video Packages

Every company's needs are different, which is why we custom bid on every project. However, we do include a specific set of features on every project. Those are:

Full Production

As a final deliverable, you will receive a complete course to publish on the platform of your choice.

Pro Polish

Al our training videos undergo a post-production polish to give your organization the best look.


Our team of writers helps you script your training to maximize learning outcomes. 


We hire professional actors to deliver your message and training to give your videos that extra engagement.

Does your organization need training videos to save on cost and improve outcomes?

Schedule a free discovery call with our team to explore how our team's training video packages can bring value to your business or organization.