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Focus on enjoying your your live event. We'll handle the rest.

We love producing live events. Our team of seasoned live event specialists have the expertise and tools to ensure your event goes smoothly, so you don't have to worry.

We've made a career out of hitting the record button.

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Navigating the realm of live event recording can often feel akin to traversing the untamed frontier. It seems anyone with a camcorder and microphone fancies themselves equipped to capture a live event, yet the reality often falls short. Our experience is filled with stories from disillusioned clients let down by previous videographers. Tales of crucial moments missed—like the one about a videographer who didn’t even hit the record button—aren’t uncommon.

Enter our team: a group of seasoned videographers and sound stage experts armed with an arsenal of cameras, backup systems, and cutting-edge technology. Our mission? To guarantee your event is not just recorded, but immortalized with the precision and quality it deserves. From teleprompters to drones, we bring everything needed to ensure an unparalleled recording experience. 


Have a live event that you need recorded? Schedule a discovery call with our team to learn how we can guarantee its success.

A discovery call is a great opportunity for us to get to know you and vis-versa. In our call, we'll ask you questions about your event and specific needs so that we can best understand your goals and vision.

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