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We're Awfully Good at What We Do!

But don't take our word for it. Hear from our raving fans!

Our team

Dream team, assemble! We started this journey together with a mission: to make what we love doing what we do for a living. Every project is a work of passion, and each creative mind on the team contributes a critical element that makes our video production and marketing services something truly special.


Taylor James Moe

Executive Producer

Taylor brings a wealth of video production experience to the table. Having attended film school in Hollywood and worked on major film sets, he has the ability and connections to run a production of any size.


Christophe Adrien

Writer/Marketing Consultant

Christophe Adrien is a creative writer who has worked as a marketing executive for over 10 years. His expertise allows our company to "plug in" to your company's platform for maximum effect.


Clint     Reinhard

Smooth talker, Pretty Face*

Clint Reinhard leads our sales division and is the smooth talker and pretty face you'll meet with to discuss you video marketing needs. 

*Awfully Good Media makes no claims or guarantees as to the prettiness of the face.


Dashiel Parre-Meyer

Videographer, Animator

Dashiel Parre-Meyer is a bulwark of the team with unparalleled skill in the visual arts. His vision brings that critical aesthetic element necessary to make your brand stand out.

Our values are Creativity, Integrity, Industriousness, and Playfulness.

Nothing communicates those values better, we think, than a pug in a top hat and a monocle. It’s creative and playful and evokes the integrity of a dog (who never tells a lie) and the industriousness of 19th-century capitalists (such as the Monopoly man). And that, we believe, is the mark of an outstanding video production team.

Who is the dashingly handsome model for the logo, you ask? His name is Jean-Luc. He’s a middle-aged faun pug whose favorite treat is baby carrots.

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